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  • Licensed applicator for all foam systems

  • Completed projects in 17 states

  • Over 16 million square feet of foam roof systems installed

  • Over two decades of quality service

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J. Paul Getty once offered this phrase as the secret to success, "Find a need and fill it."

In its over twenty-year history this is exactly the formula that FoamCoat has used to build a broad and far-ranging set of satisfied customers. We have looked for those needs and problems not easily solved and typically requiring both unique, breakthrough products and specialized applications expertise.

We have taken this approach with a number of specific problem areas including: waterproofing, roofing, insulation, corrosion protection and others. First, we recognized the unusual challenges and environments specific to each of these application areas. Secondly, we evaluated and tested products to find those that offered the highest quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and long-term performance. Then we trained and tested ourselves and our personnel to be able to implement those solutions successfully for our customers. Finally, we made a commitment to ongoing customer service to ensure that our clients get the performance they should expect.

FoamCoat has over two decades of proven experience and customer satisfaction in providing these services to a varied array of clientele. Our references include: industrial facilities, hospitals, banks, school systems, restaurants, city, state and federal government entities, food processing firms, construction and engineering firms and many others.

As an example, in the area of urethane foam roofing we are one of the county's leading urethane foam applicators, with over sixteen million feet of foam sprayed in seventeen different states. Our forward-thinking, sometimes puts us "ahead of the curve". It is not unusual for us to have excellent and proven solutions with which a customer may not have experience or awareness. Our finding and selecting products and suppliers that have made technological advances, and then our training programs mean that for many of these products we are among a handful of certified applicators across the country.

If you are dealing with a problem in any of the areas mentioned above, thinking there just isn't a "good" solution to your problem, don't give up. If every vendor you've talked to seems to have the same so-so solution, maybe you'd benefit from talking to us. There is a reason our crews were in Minnesota, New Jersey, Illinois and other locations in 2008 alone to provide roofing, waterproofing, corrosion protection and other services. Our offerings and our expertise are rare.

Estimates and expertise are free. Give us a call. If your problem isn't a "fit" for what we have, we'll tell you that. You have nothing to lose; and maybe like some of our clients have found, we can provide a solution that is exactly what you wanted, but you didn't think you could get.