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More than just a Roofing Company

Turning Promise Into Performance.

Meeting difficult challenges with special expertise and unequaled commitment is what FoamCoat does every day for customers. Architects, engineers, contractors, facilities/maintenance managers and owners have found FoamCoat a reliable source to meet their construction and maintenance needs. Services we offer for roofing, insulation, corrosion and concrete protection, waterproofing/sealing, containment linings and more are detailed in this website.

The problems we solve are not industry dependant. If you need help with a roof, a bridge, a tank, miles of piping, a parking garage, freshly poured or older concrete, a containment tank, a new or used building; we likely have proven solutions.

The thing that is common across everything we do is our approach. We believe in our products, our people and our professionalism. We are committed to turning promise into performance for our clients. FoamCoat clients often come to us initially with a single project problem. Usually it becomes the beginning of many projects and a long-term relationship.

Take a closer look at what we do and some of the products and expertise that we provide. To discuss your particular challenge and get a free estimate go to our contact page.

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